Some of previous and existing customers:

Feedback from some of Estonian business leaders, who had a brief meeting with Alan O'Neill in Tallinn:
  • Received a lot of ideas to use in my business
  • Very interesting and inspiring presentation 
  • Very clear and inspiring message 
  • Practical, easy to apply information
  • Very professional speaker and managed to give a lot of valuable information within 1 hour presentation 
  • Very good, inspiring presentation and interesting thoughts
  • Simple, applicable models 
  • Very good and professional presentation, excellent practical and to the point examples and case studies 
  • Very good presenter, clearly structured ideas 
  • Simple, practical, easy to follow and implement ideas

Having consulted for years with award-winning global iconic brands and having helped them to grow sales beyond expectations - Alan has edited their best practices and consolidated them into an action-focused Masterclass called Supercharge your Sales.

Already delivered to B2B and B2C, it can work for you too. You will re-visit your competitive positioning, your brand dna, your product mix, your people and your route to market. You'll be challenged to adapt some ideas from the best in the world - to suit your business.

This suits B2C businesses, such as...
Retailers, Hotels, Publicans, Personal Banking, Auctioneers,
Medical Professionals, Motor Dealers
And it suits B2B businesses, such as...
Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Service Companies, Accountants, Solicitors

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22 november 2017
Swissôtel Tallinn


board members
Sales directors


A guided snapshot of your current offer through a professional lens
Fresh ideas to motivate and give hope
 An action plan for immediate impact on your business and sales
Case studies from top brands


 Relaxed, supportive but challenging
Lots of real-life practical examples
Participative, inclusive and




10.00-11.30  Part One…
   Help you to relook at your competitive
positioning, develop your Unique Selling
Proposition and agree corrective actions
Consider your customer mix and where the gaps are
Challenge you to look at your business from your customer’s   perspective – make
decisions about how you can improve your
Product offer, your People and their
behaviours - and your Place
Action planning
                                                                                                                                  Coffee break

14.00-15.00 Lunch

15.00-17.00 Part Two…
Build on those improvements and give you great ideas to…
Drive more footfall or prospects
Improve conversion of browsers and prospects
Action planning
Coffee break



Customer– Selfridges


Selfridges is an iconic UK department store with flagship in London. Founded in 1909 it has had a roller coaster ride of of successes and challenges in that time. The current owner bought the business in 2003 and Alan O’Neill was engaged to support the new strategy and culture change. Profits at that time were £45m p.a. sales were growing modestly with a strong focus on product mix and store environment. Despite the changes in the retail sector and customer’s expectations growing, customer experience was not a priority.

What we did 

We embarked on a major culture change programme which put the customer at the heart of all decision-making. Using Alan’s 3-legged stool framework (product, people and place) we clearly defined what great was for every department. Examples included making ladies shoes a category killer (product)… raising basic standards of housekeeping (place) and improving engagemet of all all employees (people).


Selfridges is a big company with sales over £1b. change like this takes time in a large company. Nevertheless, customer service scores improved dramatically, sales were supercharged and profits in 2016 exceeded £160m.


Customer – Bank of Ireland N.I.


Bank of Ireland in Northern Ireland is a big player, but nr 4 in market size. The market is quite fragmented with several international players competing aggressively. All main banks like to get mortgage business as tends to drive opportunities for other products, such as current account, credit card etc. Consequently, all banks have ‘best value promotional deals’ to draw customers, making mortgages a mere commodity.

What we did

We worked with the bank to maximize selling techniques of the branch based and mobile mortgage teams. Using a geniune consultative selling model, we developed scripts and polished sales techniques in building rapport… asking relevant questions… and packaging solutions to best fit customer’s needs. This sounds clichéd, but it’s surprising how many banks do not do it.

We also interrogated the database and discovered a niche opportunity in a particular customer segment. Medical practitioners tend to be high earners and are therefore prime customers for a bank. We worked with them to develop a proactive sales approach for this sector, built on empathy and strong customer focus.


It’s unfortunate, but banks often struggle with poor industry reputation. But those that win are truly customer-focused. They don’t just concentrate on selling product… they drive their sales campaigns around life-stage needs. That requires discipline, customer-centric culture and great consultative selling skills. Bank of Ireland N.I. supercharged their sales with this approach.

Client – Britvic Wholesale


Britvic is a distributor of alcoholic and soft drinks beverages. They are a typical ‘commodity’ company with lots of competition selling exactly the same brands to the same customers… grocery retailers, hotels, pubs and clubs. Differentiation and relevance is an ongoing challenge. They found themselves in a downward spiral of price decreases in order to win business. All the power was with the customer and those customers used that to their advantage to get better margin.

What we did

Trying to gain leadership on price alone is really difficult in a commodity business like this. Alan O’Neill was engaged to support a change agenda. He went out to interview several customers to learn and to better understand their world and their challenges. He identified two significant issues…

1.     The Britvic sales people were servicing their customers in a very transactional way… i.e. not listenng but functionally focusing on orders and deliveries. Such a style of selling lacks empathy and real client engagement.

2.     All of the focus was on selling product ‘in’ to the customer, but with no focus on helping the customer to sell product ‘out’ to consumers.

We embarked on a programme of training to change the mindsets of the salespeople and gave them the skills to have a different level of conversation with the customer. This was focused on promotional activity, helping their customers to proactively drive sales, with theatre, events, and improved merchandising.


After some resistance initially from the sales teams, success stories started to come in. Customers had a renewed energy about their business and were inspired to sell more branded high margin product. Britvic supercharged their sales!! Within two years, their main competitor closed down!